Convetion 2017

58th State Convention of KLIA 2017 December at

Naveneetham Auditorium, Kannur

Convention 2016

57th State Convention of KLIA 2016 August at

Soorya Auditorium Kanhangad, Kasargode

Convention 2015

55th State Convention of KLIA 2015 January

CSI Retreat Centre Hall Kottayam

Convention 2013

54th State Convention of KLIA 2013 September at

New Nalanda Auditorium Kozhikode

State Convention


The Leaders Of KLIA: Present and Past

Satheesh Alphonse

Satheesh Alphonse
Asst. Field Officer


General Secretary
Ratheesan Arimmal
Livestock Inspector

H Gr Kannur

Azemethullah Khan

The Ex-General Secretary
Azemethullah khan A

The Leaders Of KLIA: Past


The Former President
Jayakumar P


Ex-General Secretary
Gannnngadharan A

Jayarajan C K

Ex-General Secretary
Jayarajan C K


The Notable Agitations


  • Dharna Samaram against abolishment of RAIC System in 2013

  • The Dharna before Secretariat in 2007 demanding to drop the Amendment of KSR Part I sub rule 23(c) which denies Arrears when an employee gets promotion

  • Relay Satyagraha longed 89 days before Secretariate in 1968


State Convention

57മത് സംസ്ഥാന സമ്മേളനം ബഹു. കാസർകോഡ് എം. പി. ശ്രീ. പി കരുണാകരൻ ഉദ്ഘാടനം ചെയ്യുന്നു

കെ. എൽ. ഐ. എ 57മത് സംസ്ഥാന സമ്മേളനം കാഞ്ഞങ്ങാട് കൂടുതൽ ചിത്രങ്ങൾ


Some enthusuastic and energetic stockmen of the animal husbadry deparment of Kerala decided to form an organisation for the betterment of stockmen in the deparment as there was no organisation to present demands of employees before the Goverment and redress their grievences in those days.

The Stockman Association recognised by the Goverment of Kerala by the register No. 39/1959 and its activities began in the same year under the energetic leadership of Balakrishnan (Palakkad) as President and T. K Balan as General Seceretary

The "designation name" did not purport (mean) the actual duties did. So, the Association demanded redesignation as Veterinary Assistant and conducted strikes many times. As a result, designation renamed as Livestock Assistant and again redesignated as Livestock Inspector Gr. II, Livestock Inspector Gr.I, Asst. Field Officer and Field Officer