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Siamese Twins

The twins, Amina and Fatima, who had their thorax and abdomen joined, come under the medical category of thoraco omphalo phagus conjoined twins.They died after five months Twins They were born at the Government Victoria Hospital for Sabeela through a caesarean operation. Soon after the birth, the twins had been admitted to the Sree Avittom Thirunaal (SAT) Hospital in Thiruvananthapuram for more medical attention. After a week's comprehensive post-natal medical treatment, they were discharged. The birth of the conjoined twins put Sabeela in a difficult situation. Hailing from a poor family at Panmana, near here, her husband deserted her when she was seven months pregnant. She said he simply disappeared and his whereabouts were not known. But with the help of her family members and neighbours, she brought up the children pretty well. The twins who continued to be under the treatment at the SAT Hospital were taken there regularly as directed by the doctors.

Single heart

Scanning conducted at the SAT Hospital showed that Fatima and Amina shared a single heart. However, the doctors had said that another scanning would be necessary after five months to give a final conclusion whether it was a single heart or a fusion of two hearts. The health condition of the babies was otherwise fine. But one day, Amina's temperature started rising and she began suffering from shortness of breath. At that time Fatima was normal.Though Amina continued breathing, her eyes remained closed and she appeared pale. Fatima too began having respiratory problems. Sabeela rushed them to a private hospital.But Doctors could not save their life.


The Another Siamese twins born to Khadeeja and Shamsuddin of Mananthavady in Wayanad.

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